Bathtub with shower: practical combination for everyday use

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There is not always time for an extensive relaxation bath. Many choose to take a quick, refreshing shower for this reason. But in your own four walls, you certainly don’t want to do without the spa feeling of a bubble bath. There is often not enough space in the bathroom to place the shower and tub separately. In such cases, a bathtub with a shower is a practical and space-saving solution.

Twice as good: bath with shower

Some people can make decisions quickly; they are either a shower or tub type . But even fans of long, soothing baths find it difficult to completely do without a built-in shower. Who has time to take a bath every day? Aside from the energy costs, it’s almost impossible. Instead, to be content with a cat wash on the remaining days for reasons of time and money is also not an option.

But there is a solution to the space problem that is as simple as it is ingenious. A bathtub with a shower is particularly useful if you want to cleverly set up a small bathroom. Nowadays, almost all bathtub models can be combined with a shower enclosure and a corresponding bathtub fitting. The large selection of different models makes it possible for you to design your bathroom individually and according to your taste, almost regardless of the size of the room.

Components for the shower zone

The most important accessories when purchasing a bathtub with an integrated shower include a shower head and shower partition . When it comes to fittings, we recommend a rain shower for additional comfort. A shower enclosure for the bathtub protects the bathroom from splashing water and thus saves a lot of time and work when cleaning. As with the showers, there are various options when it comes to splash guards.

Variants for the shower enclosure :

Rigid separation The permanently mounted models are reliable and stay in place. Depending on taste, this can be a disadvantage with a full bath because the view is restricted. However, there are noble glass partitions that contribute to the atmosphere of the room .
Collapsible / foldable shower screen Like other partitions, it is made of glass or plastic . Its great advantage is that it can be folded up or folded up after use. It therefore takes up little space and still provides reliable protection.
shower curtain It is the cheapest option . Assembly is simple and many different designs are possible, which can be changed with little investment of time and money. The disadvantage of the classic is that it quickly sticks to the skin if the bathtub is too narrow. It must be spread out completely and must not hang over the edge of the tub. Otherwise it does not reliably protect against splashing water.

A bathtub with a shower entrance is particularly useful – the so-called walk-in bathtub with shower. Such a model is particularly in demand in age-appropriate bathrooms . Easy access is possible through a specially sealed door . Since there is no need to step over the edge of the tub, these variants are particularly suitable for seniors and people with restricted mobility .

However, this is by no means a typical senior bath. The modern shower bath with door looks chic and elegant . In addition, an additional shower wall is not required, as the door usually offers sufficient splash protection.

Combined bathtub and shower: Many advantages

The combination of bathtub and shower unites the amenities of both sanitary objects. You are spared the agony of choice and no one has to forego their showering or bathing habits.

The walk-in bathtub with shower is an ideal solution, especially for families . Small children are usually bathed anyway. In addition, showers are unsuitable for children up to a certain age, since they cannot operate them independently.

With a shower bath, all family members get their money’s worth. A relaxing full bath is just as easily possible as a tingling shower .

If you are planning a new bathroom or a bathroom renovation, there are different tub models available for your bathroom at home. What you like and what you feel comfortable with, but also what the room has to offer, is decisive for the selection.

As a rule, every bathtub can also be used as a shower. If there is little space and you still don’t want to do without a bathtub, we recommend the space-saving bathtub . The asymmetrical, narrow shape saves valuable space. There is also a wide variety of models and the option of a bath/shower combination.

Disadvantages of a shower-tub combination

Combining a shower and bathtub has many advantages. But there are also a few disadvantages that tip the scales for one or the other.

With a conventional bathtub with a shower, the high step-in edge is a problem. It reduces comfort and can become dangerous if the user gets stuck on it. While the walk-in bath with door and shower is an alternative, these models come at a higher cost .

A multi-person household should also consider that the shower and bathtub cannot be used at the same time. Only one person can take a bath or shower, which can lead to hassle and disputes when pressed for time.

With a bathtub/shower combination, the bathtub becomes a shower, resulting in a relatively small shower zone . The high rim of the bathtub can feel cramped for some users. As an alternative, there are tubs with a shaped shower zone . They allow more freedom of movement. However, they cannot offer the same level of comfort as a separate shower cubicle.

If the bath and shower are combined, a floor-level solution is also not possible. Another disadvantage for bathers can be the splash guard or the bathtub door . If the splash guard is permanently installed, it limits the tub beyond the edge and may block the view.

Experience a bathtub with shower live

Are you interested in a practical shower tray? You can see the benefits for yourself at a bathroom showroom near you. The experienced staff will be happy to take the time to discuss individual design requirements with you.

If you have any questions about a bathtub with shower or about the bathroom in general, let the experts at Schramm advise you. Inspiration and further information can be found in our references and the advice area.

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