Apartment conversion with sliding doors and glass partitions

Drywall walls with light-tight doors often cause the living area to be visually reduced after a home renovation. Have you ever thought of doors or walls made of glass?

With the installation of sliding doors or partitions of the lines 1060 and 5000 from Heiler®, very special room divisions are possible. Glass passages or partition walls are simple, elegant and timeless. A big advantage is the light transmission. This makes it easy to flood room sections without windows with daylight. At the same time, heat and sound can remain in the respective room.

Bright rooms with line 1060

Divide stylishly with glass

Glass doors and glass walls offer elegant solutions for individual living requirements. Think, for example, of transparent partitions between the bathroom and bedroom, or of a stylish room divider between the kitchen and living area. Spontaneous and simple subdivisions of living and working areas are also possible. In principle, one has the advantage of transparency, which allows the light atmosphere of the main room to be retained in the separated area. At the same time, if desired, partial privacy protection can be integrated using artistic screen printing or decorative foils. This makes it possible to feel close to the neighboring room while at the same time keeping an optical distance for relaxed work or other activities.

Solid technology and high security

Technically, line 1060 (for ceiling, ceiling and wall mounting) and line 5000 (for wall mounting) are at the highest level. Installation is level with the floor. This means that no modifications to your floor are necessary and accessibility is guaranteed. The closing of the doors is cushioned and quietly self-closing. The glass is offered in two versions. You have the choice between high-quality toughened safety glass (ESG) or laminated glass (VG), each with a thickness of 10mm. Both types of pane offer a high level of security, since the glass is extremely impact-resistant and crumbles into small crumbs if it breaks. The fittings of the 5000 line are made of solid stainless steel. Line 1060, on the other hand, includes fittings made from high-quality, gray anodized aluminum. Sliding doors offer a major advantage over classic swing doors.

Glass partition wall with decorative privacy film.

Get light in every room!

Are you interested in an elegant and translucent room division with sliding doors or partitions? Then get in touch with us . We would be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your housing project.

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