Any shower can become a steam shower

Any shower can be turned into a steam shower with little extra effort and without the need for additional space. Steam baths can be installed in the smallest of spaces. Even existing showers can be retrofitted to steam showers!

This is possible thanks to the compact design of the steam generator. The surfaces are designed according to your ideas to match the  bathroom  . Combined with scented oils and colors, the steam shower has a calming or invigorating effect – just as you like it.

With the baYou color light therapy you can literally bathe in the colours.

The steam flows out of a chrome-plated steam outlet. An additional cavity for scented oils allows you to choose your own scent each time you use it, making the vaping experience even more beneficial.

Easy handling

Operating the steam shower is simple and convenient: All systems have fully electronic controls. This allows you to set your desired temperature and steam time individually. The temperature is measured by a specially developed temperature sensor. This gives security against too hot steam during use.

Also optional are:

  • Fog nozzles mounted in the roof of the cabin
  • A seat or back heater as well as a body shape seat
  • A lighting system for bright or colored light as well as changing colored light

Of course you can also enjoy your favorite music in the baYou steam shower. With the waterproof radio remote control you can choose between radio and MP3 player. The invisible loudspeakers integrated on the roof ensure perfect acoustics. With the waterproof docking station you can enjoy your favorite music via USB stick. baYou also provides a USB stick with modern relaxation sounds.

With the waterproof remote control you control your music via radio or MP3 player.

Maintenance friendly

The steam showers also have an automatic decalcification program that indicates when decalcification is necessary and are very easy to maintain thanks to the integrated automatic rinsing system. The steam unit itself automatically empties and cleans itself after each steam session.

The chrome-plated steam nozzle has an additional recess for scented oils.

Turn your bathroom into a very private wellness oasis!

Experience the beneficial and health-promoting effects of steam showers in your own bathroom! Get in touch with us : our bathroom planners will be happy to advise you.

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