Age-appropriate bathroom: 8 facts

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When it comes to bathroom renovation, there are countless ways to transform your own bathroom into an individual place of rest and relaxation. The conventional wet cells are a thing of the past. Features such as age-appropriate and barrier-free are in demand like never before. But what does an age-appropriate bathroom look like? Find out here which features an age-appropriate bathroom should have and what advantages barrier-free bathrooms offer.

Age-appropriate bathroom: What does it include?

When you convert your bathroom to make it age-appropriate, you lay the foundation for a safe and comfortable life in old age. When designing a bathroom suitable for seniors, the focus is not only on aesthetics and comfort, but also on safety and efficiency. Well thought-out details such as a wall-mounted folding seat in the shower or wheelchair-accessible washbasins are used for this, which are harmoniously integrated into the overall concept with professional planning. But what requirements should an age-appropriate bathroom meet and what is particularly important in the individual areas such as the toilet, shower or washbasin? We clarify which criteria a senior-friendly, barrier-free bathroom should meet.

freedom of movement and accessibility

When planning and converting age-appropriate bathrooms, the focus is primarily on freedom of movement and accessibility . For this purpose, doors and passageways are often widened in age-appropriate bathroom conversions. At the same time, open access is often chosen for practical floor-level showers. It is important that the user can move optimally in the bathroom. In an age-appropriate bathroom, there must be sufficient space to move around, especially for people with walkers or wheelchairs. Problems are inevitable if the walking routes are blocked by unfavorably positioned furniture or sanitary elements. Especially when your own mobility is restricted.

Short distances characterize an age-appropriate bathroom.

Important features of a senior-friendly bathroom

A non- slip, stable surface provides the necessary safety for daily routines in the bathroom . Permanently installed furniture and easily accessible sanitary elements are just as important for an age-appropriate bathroom. Height- adjustable elements such as the washbasin and toilet offer extra comfort . If the washbasin is also wheelchair accessible, nothing stands in the way of comfortable use with a wheelchair. When it comes to the toilet, attention should be paid to a deep overhang that makes it easier to move. With additional handles in the bath, shower and toilet areah the user is ideally supported. Depending on his physical condition, he can also act independently for longer.

As far as daily body care is concerned, the wishes of the owner or tenant are paramount. In addition, there are the size and structural conditions of the bathroom, which must be included in the planning. If a bathtub and shower are required, small bathrooms benefit from a combined solution. A modern bathtub with shower combines the advantages of both elements. They can also be used comfortably in old age with an easy-to-use lifting seat.

The bathtub is age-appropriate if the entry height is kept low. The solution: a bathtub with a door!

Plenty of storage space and ease of cleaning

Another important element that a barrier-free bathroom should have is storage space. Enough space to store bathroom essentials is recommended so that users can keep everything where it is needed. Care products, medicines and towels should easily find space in base, wall or mirror cabinets. This also makes cleaning easier. Wall-hung toilets and specially coated surfaces in the shower also contribute to the easy-care bathroom. If possible, an age-appropriate bathroom should require as little cleaning effort as possible.

Frequently asked questions about age-appropriate bathrooms

If you want to plan a bathroom suitable for seniors, you naturally have many questions. Among the most frequently asked are:

  • How much does an age-appropriate bathroom cost?
  • How big does an age-appropriate bathroom have to be?

In both cases, the answer is difficult. As a rule, existing bathrooms are renovated. Users want to convert their old bathroom to make it age-appropriate. Accordingly, bathroom planners and craftsmen focus on the given circumstances (size, floor plan, etc.). Depending on the existing floor space, the budget and the customer’s wishes, a suitable concept is developed. The costs required depend on the scope of the conversion work and the desired equipment. With a subsidy, the costs can of course be reduced.

If possible, it can make sense to enlarge the bathroom. For example, with space from the adjacent hallway or another room. More floor space opens up more design options and freedom of movement. Both are important for a barrier-free bathroom. However, at the same time, the furnishing elements should not be too far apart to avoid longer distances.

The way to a senior-friendly bathroom

If you want to have your bathroom remodeled to make it age-appropriate, you should put yourself in the hands of a professional bathroom company. You are therefore on the safe side and can look forward to a satisfactory result in which aesthetics, comfort and safety are equally taken into account. There is also a lot to consider when renovating an age-appropriate bathroom. Starting with the structure of the bathroom, through legal regulations, to detailed planning and subsequent execution.

In addition, conversion measures for age-appropriate living are funded in various ways. The condition for funding is that the work is carried out competently. What is funded in detail depends on the respective programs. You can get offers and subsidies for an age-appropriate bathroom, for example, from the KfW, the long-term care, pension and accident insurance.

Why a barrier-free, age-appropriate bathroom is a good investment in the future:

  • Comfortable usability in old age
  • increase in quality of life
  • Meets increased requirements (usage)
  • Increase in property value for owners
  • Modern and at the same time functional design

8 interesting facts about age-appropriate bathrooms

If you are thinking about an age-appropriate bathroom renovation, you should take enough time to weigh up your decision. Remodeling comes with costs, noise (at least initially), and other limitations. In the meantime, however, there are proven methods for reducing dirt, which means that dirt is hardly a problem. The advantages of an age-appropriate bathroom are obvious. We have summarized these for you in 8 facts.

Fact 1:

You can receive a subsidy for the conversion into an age-appropriate, barrier-free or handicapped-accessible bathroom. This is subject to specified provisions.

Fact 2:

Folding seats and shower benches offer particular comfort and safety when showering. The latter can even be heated.

Fact 3:

Safety is a top priority in age-appropriate bathrooms. In terms of a barrier-free design, this means: farewell to steps, doorsteps and impractically high shower and bathtub entrances.

If the bathroom is to be equipped in an age-appropriate way, grab rails are part of the standard equipment

Fact 4:

Even if you carry out the bathroom conversion in an age-appropriate way, you don’t have to do without luxury and relaxation. With innovative bathroom technology, you can create your own oasis of well-being that invites you to linger and relax, even if independence should decrease with age. Wellness elements such as a (retrofittable) whirlpool system for the bathtub, a steam shower or an infrared cabin strengthen your health. In addition, they can alleviate various ailments.

Fact 5:

An age-appropriate bathroom is characterized by easily accessible sanitary elements at a suitable height. The same applies to furniture, which should offer sufficient storage space without restricting freedom of movement.

Fact 6:

The floor-level shower, which has barrier-free entry and which is ideal for pampering with a rain and hand shower, is very popular. Generous, open entrances are also popular with floor-level showers.

What does an age-appropriate bathroom look like? That depends on your taste. In any case, a barrier-free bathroom does not have to be unmodern! Functionality and style are not mutually exclusive.

Fact 7:

A non-slip surface (tiles, etc.) guarantees seniors and people with disabilities a secure footing.

Fact 8:

With a multi-generational bathroom, family members of different ages who live under one roof can feel comfortable. From small children to grandparents, because the needs of all users are taken into account here.

For the forward-thinking: the age-appropriate bathroom conversion

If you want to stay in your home for as long as possible and don’t want to forego comfort when you get older, investing in a barrier-free bathroom is the ideal solution. Sufficient movement areas, easy to reach and functional furnishing elements combined with a modern and stylish look ensure that you can feel completely comfortable in your bathroom despite physical limitations.

With a look at our references and a visit to a bathroom exhibition in your area, you can easily gather information and ideas on this topic and suitable measures. Our bathroom professionals will be happy to advise you and clarify your individual questions – on site, by telephone and online via e-mail.

We would be happy to work with you to design the perfect feel-good bathroom for your future. 

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